Licensed New Jersey institutions are required to notify the AIC of changes to academic degree and certificate offerings via email. Additional information and materials that may be required when submitting notifications to the AIC for any of the items listed below and are described in sections III and IV of the AIC Manual.

Changes to Academic Degree Offering Locations and Institutional Partners Requiring Academic Issues Committee Notification

  • Locating an Existing Degree Program at an Approved Branch Campus
  • Offering a Joint Degree Program Originally Approved to be Offered by Only One Institution
  • Offering Independently a Degree Program Originally Approved as a Joint Degree Program
  • Adding a New Partner Institution to an Existing Associate/Baccalaureate Degree Joint Professional Program with Rutgers University
  • Addition of a Degree Pathway or New Transfer Partner by a County College with an Existing 3+1 Partnership

Changes to Academic Degree and Certificate Offerings Requiring Academic Issues Committee Notification

  • Intent to Terminate a Program
  • Termination of a program
  • Change in Nomenclature
  • Initiation of a Program Option
  • Certificate Offerings: Initiation, Change in Nomenclature, or Termination
AIC Manual