Office of the Secretary of Higher Education

The Secretary of Higher Education is the primary advisor to the Governor on higher education initiatives and incentive programs. The Secretary reviews requests for State support from institutions and communicates with educational leaders across the State to advance education at all levels. The Office of the Secretary of Higher Education works to ensure that our richly diverse population of full and part-time students has access to a high-quality higher education.

NJ Educational Facilities Authority(EFA)

EFA was created in 1968 to help public and private colleges and universities in New Jersey finance the construction, improvement, acquisition and refinancing of various capital projects. In 1999, the Authority was authorized to help finance capital improvements at qualified public libraries.

NJ Higher Education Student Assistance Authority (HESAA)

Providing students and families with the financial and informational resources for students to pursue their education beyond high school.

NJ Transfer

The website that helps you transfer community college courses in the state of New Jersey.


NJEDge.Net is a non-profit consortium developed as part of the state plan for higher education. The consortium was designed to support NJ’s institutions of higher education in their pursuit of excellence. The mission of NJEDge.Net is to provide collaborative resources and networked information services to its members and affiliates in support of education; research and development; outreach and public service; as well as economic development throughout the state. In providing a statewide network infrastructure, NJEDge.Net establishes standards for interoperability, achieves economies of scale and supports new and emerging technology-enabled forms of interinstitutional collaboration among members and affiliates.

NJHEPS – NJ Higher Education Partnership for Sustainability

A consortium of 37 New Jersey higher education institutions; the mission of NJHEPS is to transform the higher education community to consistently practice sustainability and to more effectively contribute to the world’s emerging understanding of sustainability, through teaching, research, outreach, operations, and community life.

VALE – Virtual Academic Library Environment

VALE seeks to provide a seamless network of access to shared electronic academic information resources throughout the state of New Jersey.

Troops to College Website

The Troops to College Program is designed to make veterans aware of the higher education options available at New Jersey’s public colleges and universities.

Sector Organizations:

NJASCU – NJ Association of State Colleges & Universities

The state association representing New Jersey’s seven state colleges and comprehensive universities.

AICUNJ – Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of NJ

The public relations, research and government liaison organization for 14 privately-supported institutions of higher education in New Jersey.

NJCCC – NJ Council of County Colleges

The state association representing New Jersey’s eighteen community colleges.

Other Links:

New Jersey Department of Education
Preschool through 12th grade education and private vocational schools

U.S. Department of Education – Office of Postsecondary Education

The Office of Postsecondary Education (OPE) formulates Federal postsecondary education policy and administers programs that address critical national needs in support of our mission to increase access to quality postsecondary education.

New Jersey Next tells you what skills you will need to be in demand in New Jersey industries. The research focuses on New Jersey industries, but most of the skill and job information applies to occupations wherever they are located. The website allows you to match your skills and interests with occupations that will be highly marketable when you are ready to enter the workforce.